It all starts with an idea.

Our inspiration sounded something like this: "Wouldn't it be great if we had some help with this?" This thought occurred to us as we both lived through the hectic conditions that accompany the responsibility of an aging family member. Add to this, the frustration that we encountered due to living in different provinces than our parents. We realized we were on to something when we said "We need someone to help". 

We understand how you feel, because we have been in your shoes. Lean On Us- A Seniors Concierge Service came from a pure desire for the little time that you do have to be spent enjoying a visit rather than frittered away fixing things, grabbing groceries, running errands or shuttling to appointments.  

What We Offer

Who are we? 

Marc and Susan are a husband and wife team that are excited to work with you and your family.

Marc has been in the service industry for over 35 years, working in restaurants and hotels with one single goal, to make sure everyone was happy and satisfied.

Susan has been a high school teacher for 31 years. She has taught many subjects including Home Economics, Family Living, Personal Development and Psychology. 

About Us

Providing peace of mind to Fredericton area seniors and their families.